Manufacturing complete range of Active and Passive Relay Modules, One Change Over, Double Changeover Relay Module, Four Changeover Relay Module, Fuse Relay Module and I/O Relay Module Manufacturer & Wholesaler Pune, India

We manufacture an extensive range of
Relay Modules, which is available in both active and passive forms. These modules are offered with vertical fuse holders that help in eliminating the changes of falling down of glass fuse at the time of replacement. Relays modules are very compact and economical and have screw or screw less terminals for output connection. Enlisted are the products offered under this category:

We are one of the leading Relay Modules Manufacturers and Exporters in India. We serve both active and passive Relay Modules, which include Socketed and Soldered Modules. These Relay Modules have both Screw and Screw less Terminals for output connection. Our Relay Modules have jumpers for ‘common +ve’ and ‘common for –ve’. We also provide spare jumper on PCB option for screw terminal connection. Our wide range of Relay Modules comprises of One Change Over Relay Modules and Two Change Over Relay Modules.

  • Standard Relay Modules
  • Genset Specific Modules
  • Solid State Relay Modules
  • Cable Harness
  • Passive Interface Modules
  • CNC Specific IO Modules
  • Fuse Modules

Wire Size : Up to 2.5
Coil Size: 24 VDC
Channels Available: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16