Surya Marketing Corporation , We are widely recognized Manufacturers of Machine Lamps, Tower Lamps, Panel Lamps, Hand Lamps, Halogen Lamps, and Fluorescent Lamps, We provide several types of Oil Tight Machine Lamps for all kinds of SPMs Lamps, Electric lamps, LED Street Lights, Industrial Machine Lamps, Industrial Electrical Lamps and CNC machines.  Machine Lamp,Machine Lamps Pune,Maharashtra,India

  • Machine Lamps
  • Halogen Machine Lamps
  • Florescent Machine Lamps
  • Oil Tight Machine Lamps
  • Panel lamps
  • Tower Lamps
  • Hand Lamps

All Machine Lamps are available in the range of 9, 11, 18, 36, and 55 Watts. Our Oil Tight Fluorescent Machine Lamp offers better visibility during tool job changing and machining. They are waterproof and are excellent in quality. These lamps are widely used by Engineering, Automobile, Packaging, Electrical, and many other industries. The manufacturing of these Machine Lamps are always done under close surveillance. Our Machines Lamps are durable and efficient in nature and proved to give optimum performance.